The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced yesterday the approval of 6 golf courses as a part of Thailand’s ‘Golf Quarantine’ initiative. The Thai Cabinet approved the proposal to allow tourists to spend their quarantine period at golf courses on December 20 2020, although early reports had suggested golf courses may not be open to the policy given the money and resources needed to put the additional restrictions in place.

Golfers taking up this programme will be allowed to spend their two week quarantine period at one of the 6 certified golf courses, being allowed to move freely around the resort as well as play golf. A much better alternative to the current 2 weeks of isolation in a hotel room.

Golfers will still have to adhere to all of the current regulations regarding tourists entering Thailand, including the appropriate visa’s, medical certificates and travel insurance.

The 6 approved golf courses include 3 in Kanchanaburi (2 hours North West of Bangkok), 1 in Nakhon Nayok (2 hours north of Bangkok), 1 in Phetchaburi (2 hours South West of Bangkok, 50 mins from Hua Hin) and 1 in Chiang Mai. As per existing rules, once golfers complete their 2 week quarantine period they will be allowed to travel around the country as normal (inline with any provincial Covid-19 travel restrictions that may be in place – be sure to double check as they are very fluid and often changing at the moment).

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The Golf Courses


1. Mida Golf Club

Mida Golf Club, Kanchanaburi
Mida Golf Club, Kanchanaburi

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Designer: Golf Technology Co. Ltd
Holes: 18 / Par: 72 / Length: 6,258m / 6,844y

Mida Golf Club is located only 30 mins from Kanchanaburi, and offers golfers great views of the surrounding hills of the area. A relitavly flat course, Mida offers golfers an opportunity to score low, with neither fairways or greens offering much in terms of undulation. There is a river that comes into play on a few holes, but other than that the course is relitavly free of hazards.

Status: Packages have bee confirmed (pricing below) and they will be ready to start accepting golfers by the end of January 2021.

Package Pricing:

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2. Evergreen Hills Golf Club

Evergreen Hills Golf Club, Kanchanaburi

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Designer: At-anan Yochinda
Holes: 18 / Par: 72 / Length: 6,290m / 6,879y

Evergreen Hills Golf Club is located close to the Myanmar border, and cut into into mountains and woodlands, offering scenic views. The course has played host to numerous professional events, and is always in great condition. The course is not particularly long and only a few holes have water hazards causing golfers issues, allowing the course to be prime for some low scores.

Status: Packages are still to be confirmed, but they are looking at minimum of 30+ groups.


3. Blue Star Golf Course

Blue Star Golf Course, Kanchanaburi

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Designer: Local Thai Design
Holes: 18 / Par: 72 / Length: 6,400m / 7,000y

Blue Star Golf Course is a great challenge for all levels of golfers. Built on a former mining site, the course features steep elevation changes and cliffs, as well as deep deep bunkers and closely shaved area’s around the greens.

Status: Details to be confirmed

4. Sawang Resort and Golf Club

Sawang Resort and Golf Club, Phetchaburi

Location: Phetchaburi, Thailand
Designer: Isao Katsumata
Holes: 27 / Par: 72 / Length:  6,363m / 6,959y

Sawang Resort and Golf Club is a 27 hole golf course situated about 50 minutes outside of Hua Hin. Surrounded by rice fields and orchards with the backdrop of the area’s signature rolling hills, the course offers golfers great views throughout. A challenging course, Sawang features elevated tee shots, slick greens and water coming in to play on many of the holes.

Status: Details to be confirmed.


5. Artitaya Golf & Resort

Artitaya Golf & Resort, Nakhon Nayok

Location: Nakhon Nayok Thailand

Artitaya Golf & Resort in Nakhon Nayok offers a challenging 18-hole layout supported by the resort, golf clubhouse and restaurant.

Status: Details to be confirmed.


6. Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf & Resort

Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf & Resort

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Designer: Seni Thirawat
Holes: 18 / Par: 72 / Length: 6,702m / 7,329y

Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf Resort is situated about an hour outside of Chiang Mai, and like many of the other courses is in the area, is surrounded by lush jungle and mountains. The golf course is fairly long, and while it doesn’t have too many tests in terms of water or bunkers, it has strategically placed tree’s that force you to play thinking golf.

Status: Details to be confirmed.



Visitors to Thailand who wish to quarantine at golf courses will need to fulfil the following requirements:

1. A valid visa. It’s advised to check with you local Thai Embassy. 53 countries have visa examption, and currently you are granted an additional 15 days upon entry to make up for quarentine.

2.  Certificate of entry (COE) to Thailand from the embassy before traveling to Thailand

3.  Fit to Fly Health Certificate issued a maximum of  72 hours prior to departure

4.  Negative COVID-19 test result issued a maximum of 72 hours prior to departure.

5.  Medical insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage, to a value of at least 100,000 USD (the insurance must cover the whole duration of stay in Thailand).

If we can help at all or if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].