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Golfers from Shrewsbury International School who are participating in the Shrewsbury Teachers Golf League 2022 are eligible to enter this event. Entry can be made via your Tee Time Saver account. If you’ve not yet registered for the league, but would like to, please click the button below to fill in the entry form. Once your entry has been approved you’ll be sent an email with instructions to how to access your Shrewsbury International School Tee Time Saver account and how to register for individual events.

Event Rules

Stableford Rules
Golfers to play individual stroke play, with shots allocated on holes based upon handicap. The nett score for each hole will be used to work out the stableford score based on the following:

4 under par: 6 points
3 under par: 5 points
2 under par: 4 points
1 under par: 3 points
Even par: 2 points
1 over par: 1 point
2 or more over par: 0 points

League Points
Golfers final stableford points score will be used as the league points with 1 stableford point equalling 1 league point.

Golf Course Location