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Shrewsbury Teachers Golf League 2022 Round 1
30th April 2022
The Principals Golf Day
29th May 2022
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League Rules

The Shrewsbury Teachers League 2022 will take place over 4 events between April and June 2022, with each event offering League Points to golfers. Each event will have a different format, please check the individual events for information.

Golfers must enter scores from at least two rounds to be eligible for the overall prizes. Golfers playing in more than 2 events, will use the points from their best two submitted rounds to get their overall score.

Golfers with official handicaps will submit and use them, ensuring they are updating the handicap regularly throughout the league.
Golfers without official handicaps will be assigned one based on recent scores. Once the golfer has played their first round, we will maintain the handicap for the golfer, for the purposes of this league.