What is Tee Time Saver?

Tee Time Saver is a unique tee time booking platform, allowing golfers to book tee times, golf packages and golfing tours from multiple booking agents in one place. Compare options and prices from different agents across Asia, and quickly and easily select and book your preferences.

Our aim is simple, to make Golfers’ lives easier. We will continue to strive to increase the number of options available on the portal, while adding new features to help golfers along the way.

Why should I use Tee Time Saver to make my golf bookings?

Tee Time Saver allows golfers to view all available options quickly in one place, before selecting the best preference and quickly and easily making a booking. Golfers will benefit from using a Tee Time Saver account in the following ways:

  • Book tee times from all of your favorite online booking agents through one account.
  • Quick and simple booking process allowing for all options to be confirmed and complete in a few steps.
  • Extensive options that are growing daily. With more agents signing up every day, Tee Time Saver’s golf course options continue to increase.
  • Quickly find the best golf tour and package options, without having to scroll through endless websites and contact multiple booking agents.

How do I make a booking?

When you make a booking request (for either a tee time or a golf package), your request is sent to the booking agent once submitted for them to confirm the details. Once confirmed, you will receive an email asking you to complete pre-payment for the booking. You simply log in to your Tee Time Saver account, go to the orders section and you will be able to confirm your booking.

Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email inclusive of a voucher containing the booking reference number. This can be presented at the golf course at the time of play to confirm the booking (you can just have this available on your phone).

How do I book a Golf Package

Golf packages are booked using a booking request. The reason for this, is that often the booking agent has multiple parts to the package they need to confirm for you. This allows them to confirm every element of your package booking before requesting prepayment.

Simply fill out the booking request form and submit it. In the same way a tee time booking request works, you won’t need to do anything more until the package has been confirmed for you. At this point, you will receive a notification prompting you to log in to your account and make payment.

In the event that additional information is needed to confirm your package (E.G. passport details to confirm any ferry bookings), you will receive an email from a Tee Time Saver representative shortly after you have submitted your request, asking for the relevant details.

How do I use Tee Time Saver to arrange a golf tour?

Golf Tours can be complex, and as such you often have multiple special requests. As with all our golf bookings, Tee Time Saver aims to make this process as simple as possible for the golfer. As such, we have a Custom Golf Quote Generator.

This golf quote generator works by first having the golfer input information regarding their tour. Where and when, accommodation and transport requests, specific golf courses you want to play etc etc. Once submitted, this information is sent to various Booking Agents and Tour Operators, who then submit their different proposals for your evaluation.

Once you pick which option is best for you, you will be able to finalise the details with the booking agent before making pre-payment through your Tee Time Saver account. We will also be able to split the payment for you so that each of the golfers coming on the tour can log in to their own accounts and pay separately (you will be asked if you want to do this during the process).

How do I pay for my booking?

You can pay for your booking through your tee time saver account or via bank transfer (Thailand and Singapore). At present, you will be able to via PayPal using your Tee Time Saving Account (either with your account, or with a debit or credit card). You will be prompted throughout the booking process as to when you need to arrange payment.

How do I confirm my booking with the golf club when I arrive?

Once everything has been confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation voucher from Tee Time Saver, complete with which booking agent made the booking, and the booking number from their booking. Please have this on hand when you register at the golf club and simply quote your name, the booking agents name and the booking number.

If there are any issues, the booking agents phone number will be listed on the voucher, and you can also contact us at +(61) 6 4090 4704.